Rhythm Labs 2nd Birthday: Interplanetary Criminal B2B Riz La Teef B2B Bailey Ibbs & DAYTIMERS

A triple threat UKG (and whatever else sneaks out of their crates) set and two affiliates of the ever thrilling Daytimers collective? Sounds like a solid second birthday lineup.

Rhythm Labs make way for their 2nd birthday celebrations with a heavy line-up of UKG and South Asian flair. Last year the 1st birthday was postponed, so this year it’s twice as nice.Interplanetary Criminal, Riz La Teef and Bailey Ibbs set levels with a 4-hour B2B2B treat - while Saachi and Rohan Rakhit step up, respectively, to project the infectious energy the South Asian collective ‘DAYTIMERS’ have been championing since their conception. They're also joined by burgeoning members of the crew, YOURBOYKIRAN, Samia, Zar and Temujin, who will each be adding their signature energies to Room 2: The Garage.

VENUE UPDATE:Due to unprecedented demand this event has now been re-located to Grow Tottenham.Only a stones throw from our previous arrangements at Low Profile Studios - we are beyond excited to partner with Grow Tottenham for our 2nd birthday, offering an increased capacity and one of the last parties the iconic North London venue will see before it’s closure.